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Update: We're still looking for some helpers here!

Dear members,

we are in need of some more contributors to keep our submission processes fast and smooth. Three Two more people to join our staff as part of The Voting Team would be great to avoid long-lasting submissions. Here are the details:

Position: Member of The Voting Team

Number of available positions: 3 2

(With a chance of more people to be taken if there are many very interesting candidates.)

Duties of a Voting Team member:

:pointr: Before voting, making sure the images have been submitted to the right folder, the image quality is decent and it does have some degree of the "soul and spirit" inspirational-images is proud of.
:pointr: Voting on incoming submissions.
:pointr: Knowing the group's rules, submission details and folder regulations.
:pointr: Staying up to date with the newest changes in the group which are being posted on the forums and in announcements.
:pointr: Informing members about general group rules and changes.
:pointr: Giving constructive feedback on declined submissions (on request).
:pointr: Taking part in team discussions and sharing their mind about photographic issues.

How to apply:

Send a note to the group, answering the following questions:

:pointr: How often are you online on deviantART and how much time would you approximately be able to commit to our group?
:pointr: Do you have any previous group experience, have you been a contributor before?
:pointr: Why do you think you would make a good member of our Voting Team?

We're looking forward to your applications!

Update 2014-11-20: Outdated thumbnails have been exchanged. Updated the info about the Transportation and the Still Life folder.

Latest rules:
:bulletblack: All photomanipulations need to have the source of every used element linked in the image description now! Besides, we are more picky now, when it comes to Manips, in order to have less digital art in our gallery.
:bulletblack: A small hint about borders: We don't mind the usage of borders, as long as they are not too strong, do not distract or disturb and fit to the image. The lowest resolution we accept is 500x500 px and borders do not count here! That means, the photo itself must have at least 500 pixels in width and/or length, without the border frame.
:bulletblack: We differ between weather/scapes and weather/nature. Weatherscapes are pretty self-explanatory, while we are looking for photos of snowfall, mist, frozen objects (e.g. leaves), etc. in the weather photos which shall go to the Nature folder.
:bulletblack: Double- and multi-exposure photographs basically belong to the Darkroom folder, it does not matter whether they were created in camera (analogue) or by software.

:bulletblack: Generally, our folders are based on dA's classification categories. Just have a look at this for more information about our folder system.

:bulletblack: Remember that we do not accept any mobile (phone) or webcam shots! There are no exceptions.

Btw, if you don't want to read the whole journal again, you can use the quick search function of your browser and type in key words to get faster to the information you are looking for.

Please, think before you submit a piece. It will save our time and increase our patience.

Update 2014-02-17: Changed some of the example images from our gallery. Enhanced the information on the Architecture folder. Corrected small mistakes.

Update 2013-02-21: Please remember that all infrared shots go to the Darkroom folder, no matter if the infrared effect was done in camera or outside!
Example images from our gallery were added to every folder desription to show what kind of material we are looking for there. Big thanks to the members who submitted the artworks now used as examples.  If someone wants their works to be removed from this journal, please send us a note.
Additional information was included about the Darkroom folder, Events & Performances, Nature, People & Portraits, Photomanipulation, Plants and Scapes. Check it to stay up to date.
Tilt-shift images coming directly from a tilt-shift lens are accepted in the regular folders as well now (in most cases it's Scapes or Urban & Rural, but please, don't mix them up). All light paintings go now to the Conceptual folder (since you need a concept before you shoot one). Infrared images (even if they are taken with an infrared filter) belong to the Darkroom folder. Please, take a look at the folder's descriptions below for all the rules.

Update 2012-12-17: Information about black and white and monochrome images in general has been added. Remember that there are no "colour" folders in this group, this means that basically all monochrome photos (b/w, greyscale, sepia, single colours, etc.) belong to the regular folders (based on the motives), which are described below. Only special processes like HDRi, photo manipulation, infrared, overlays, darkroom techniques and so on let them fit into our two extra folders "Darkroom" or "Photomanipulation".

Update 2012-10: Welcome to all our new members, thanks for joining us! And to our hitherto existing members, thank you for all your marvellous submissions!
There's just one thing that has been bugging us for ages so far: The wrong folder submissions. Those are causing us much more work during the voting process. To make the whole thing more efficient and faster, here's a detailed guideline where to submit to and where not.

:pointr: Now, let's go into the details:

The Featured folder is only for contest winners, admin features and generous donators. It's not open for submissions from regular members.

Abstract & Surreal:
Like dA says: "Abstract photographs seek to obscure the actual subject, while surreal photographs place the subject in an other-worldly context." So, abstract photographs are mostly photos of objects and structures of which you often can't tell exactly what it actually is or uncommon angles and perspectives. Surreal photography often plays with the light and/or apparently metaphysical motives. Abstraction or surreality is not given through photo manipulation! Those are NOT: Horror & Macabre shots, upside down images, light paintings, photo manipulations, unusual angle architecture/landscape photos, (coloured) water drop/splash or HDR images.
Sound Of Silk (torn) by AiniTolonen _o_ by nenmayk

Well, that one's pretty self-explanatory. All kinds of animals go there. Animals' body parts (eyes, wings, claws etc.), too. We do not accept shots of dead or dying animals. On animal shots with plants is normally the animal the focused part, so they also go to the Animals folder.
U.F.O by Dani-Barchana Happy Family by AnneMarks

Basically single buildings from the inside or outside or only special parts (details) of them. Good focus, clarity, contrast and sharpness are absolutely necessary. Please, don’t submit any cityscapes, skylines, amounts of buildings or rooftops here. And no Urbex here, that goes to Urban & Rural!
Glastonbury Abbey. England by jennystokes Geometry in Blue by DaniBabitz

Images with a well thought-out and well executed concept, with a clear message/statement. Light paintings do also belong here. NO classic portraits, still life, abstract, surreal, horror & macabre shots. AND NO PHOTO MANIPULATIONS!
Girl with Ship by orestART n o l e a f c l o v e r by cemalsamli

Analogue film photography, film scans, negative scans, self-processed photo works, photograms, panoramas, high dynamic range shots, infrared images (also the ones produced in camera or with the help of filters) and mixed processes. Digital overlays (e.g. textures used on photos) do also belong here. Diptychs basically go to the regular folders, apart from the mentioned processes and if the two photos show different motives, then it fits to the Photomanipulation folder. Multi- and double-exposure photos (whether produced in film camera or by software) do all belong here. By the way, modifying your colour photographs to monochrome (black and white, greyscale, sepia, etc.) ones does not turn them into darkroom works.
Ol' Bookshelf - HD wallpaper by JanneO

Mature Content

Innanna Reclining 1112SFx by FrancoisDeWynter

Horror & Macabre:
Just photos with “classic” horror themes: witches, zombies, vampires, murderers, monsters, etc., using theatre (fake) blood, knives, skeletons, skulls and so on. No real blood or dead animals allowed. Remember that horror & macabre shots are also conceptual works, that means that all rules for the conceptual folder do also apply here, and that's why there are no eerie landscape/forest and urban exploration shots accepted here.
Raining Blood by Abgrundlich Waiting by LenoreScarecrow

Events & Performances:
A more journalistic folder. (Music) concerts, other stage productions (including shows, theatre, musical, opera etc.), festivities and festivals, weddings, but also political events like demonstrations and public gatherings and sport performances. Only journalistically or artistically valuable works will be fine, no (drunk) party shots or family feasts.
Brussels: Flower Carpet 2012 by Nightcitylights Unparalleled Devotion by vwake

Fashion & Cosplay:
ONLY fashion photographs (the focus is on the clothing and/or styling) and cosplay photography (people dressing up as – mostly anime-inspired – characters. NO head-only photos, those belong to the People & Portraits folder.
On the Hunt by rensuchan Sky by OlgaAthens

Basically only pictures taken with a special macro lens, no (zoomed-in) close-ups. Macro extension tubes and close-up lenses are acceptable. Motives can be anything like nature/plants/still life/animals/body parts, as long as it has a certain artistic value. Good focus and sharpness are absolutely necessary here!
High Res Magnification by darkHunTer2009 Deep Blue... by Isalovesphotography

This is not just the “rest”. Only photos which really do not fit into the other categories go here. Fireworks (if you can't see the actual event) and small things in no particular context (no still life, no conceptual shots) belong here. Check the folder to see what I mean. Just very few images are accepted here. This is not a folder especially for monochrome images! They basically belong into the regular folders.
Cloud Coffee by sakiryildirim Weird by Zouberi

NO land/water/sky/mountain/whatever SCAPES!
Woods, forests, amounts of (different) plants, small ponds, parts of fields (as long as it's not a landscape), waterfalls and parts of lakes (no land/waterscapes, you can't state that often enough). Geology shots and weather details (frozen natural objects, fog, dew, raindrops, snow, etc. - still no scapes!) are okay as well. NO single plants (also no single trees) and no animals! Again, look what the folder contains to see if your work fits.
frozen by mng182 When Life Is Beautiful by Thinking-Silence

People & Portraits:
Any kind of photographic portraiture, apart from fashion and cosplay photography. Also body parts, silhouettes and photos with human beings as main subjects. Most street photography (including human beings) is also accepted here. We decline dA IDs as long as they're not artistic.
:thumb326411993: Iran - The Keeper by O-Renzo

Photographs which contain parts of other (photographic) artworks. Mixed media where the main part is a photo is allowed. Diptychs belong here, when the subjects are of a different kind. Works with a typographic content shall also go here. Keep in mind that editing only the colours (e.g. greyscale, sepia, black and white, monochrome or saturation processing has nothing to do with photo manipulation. NO digital overlays (e.g. textures), HDRis or infrared shots (they all belong to the Darkroom folder). Note that all Manips do now require to have all sources linked in the image description! Please remember that this is a group for PHOTOGRAPHY, NOT DIGITAL ART!
cigarette macro II by beatqas s o m e t i m e s by cemalsamli

All single plants (including trees, leaves, fruits and fungi) go here. NO amounts of plants (e.g. forests or fields). Spiderwebs, bushfires and landscapes of which a tree makes a high percentage of the photo do also belong to this folder. Do not confuse it with the Macro, Nature or Scapes folders.
Intricate by KeldBach keukenhof.0007 by insolitus85

Land-, water-, sky-, weather-, mountain-, field-, moonscapes, cityscapes, skylines and also rural scapes. A landscape consists of wide areas and in most cases there is a horizon line dividing the sky/water/land parts (though, there are scapes without horizon to be seen as well). Don't mix it up with the Nature folder or (in Urban cases) with the Urban & Rural or Architecture folder.
 Shanghai Skyline by paikan07 *** by Fatalv

Sinful Images:
Basically this folder is for ARTISTIC nude photography. Half nude or photos showing very much skin (e.g. underwear shots) do also belong here. The only reasons for artistic nudes in another folders are Darkroom techniques or photo manipulations. Please note that in this case the term “sinful” means  nude or erotic, no other religious or moralistic sins.

Mature Content

Family exposed 8 by BorjaPascual

Mature Content

L o r e n by AliWithAnEye

Still Life:
“Studio”-like indoor photography of mostly inanimate objects (also commercial/product photography). Good (artificial) light is necessary. Motives can include books, jewels, water (splashes), dolls, figures, cut plants, glasses, (plush) toys, musical instruments, weaponry etc. Photos which create a "frozen" effect also belong here: object's movement, smoke from a blown off matches, water experiments (e.g. an apple falling into water), (bursting) bubbles and many more.
339 by pasiasty f sharp by DiaryOfAWallflower

How to get from A to B, just anything that has to do with getting from one place to another. Cars, trains, buses, (motor) bikes, boats, ships, helicopters, aeroplanes, tanks and any kind of transport vehicle (even if they are out of service). Also roads (even dirt roads, pathways...), railways, ski lifts, gondolas, subway stations, space shuttles, bus stops...
there is time to face it, the right time by ateist-kleranty Mountain Thunder by DragonWolfACe

Urban & Rural:
Urban and Rural places and scenes. City life and country life. Street and industrial photography and urban exploration shots belong here. Important: all garden, park and cemetery photos go here! NO cityscapes or skylines, also no rural scapes, no transport related photos and no architecture shots.
Lost... by Rajmund67 Yaks ascend towards Bagala La by Dominion-Photography

Just to mention it again:
Urban Exploration :pointr: Urban & Rural
Infrared :pointr: Darkroom
HDRi :pointr: Darkroom
Mixed Media :pointr: Photomanipulation

Most common folder mistakes:
Scapes / Urban & Rural
Scapes / Nature
Nature / Plants
Conceptual / Photomanipulation
People & Portraits / Fashion & Cosplay

If you think there is a photographic section that is not covered, leave us a comment below. Any questions left? Ask us!

:iconzouberi: for inspirational-images

PS: We're still collecting points to renew our Super Group status. You can donate here.
More Journal Entries


:pointr: We will happily accept anyone who wants to be part of our group, if it's as active members or just simply watchers. Join Requests are automatically accepted.

:pointr: We welcome both professional photographers and amateurs, and we will encourage all of them to be actively sharing their work, we value the soul and spirit of a photograph over it's professionalism.


Please remember, this is a PHOTOGRAPHY group. We DO NOT accept digital or traditional art.

If we decline one of your photos and you want to know the reason why or you want to get some feedback, please ask in the submission log!

If we think that another one of our folders would fit better to your submission, you will be told where to submit the image again.

A guide to what we accept into every of our folders can be found here: Folder Classification

Additional information and all the details about our gallery are explained here: Our folder system

:pointr: When submitting photographs please make sure you choose the right folder, otherwise we will have to decline it and ask you to re-submit. Mind that declined photographs are still taking up your submission limit.

:pointr: The submission limit is at the moment set to 1 photograph per week per folder.

:pointr: The Featured folder is not open for submission, it is used as a special way of rewarding contest winners and exposing their best work to the group.

:pointr: We do have some requirements as to the quality of the photograph and we will be judging things like contrast, clarity and exposure in every single case, deciding if it enhances the photograph, or perhaps decreases the visual experience and the clarity of it's message or statement.

:pointr: We are not in favor of too much manipulation or editing apart from small corrections and enhancements, unless of course you are submitting to the Photomanipulation folder.

General Rules

Our group is meant to bring you inspiration and help you to share your inspiration with those around you. We aim to make this a pleasant and somehow magical place filled with art and art appreciators.

Anything that will go against this spirit will be considered breaking the groups rules and will be treated accordingly, with anything from a private warning to removal from the group.

Therefore please:

:pointr: Do not swear, insult other members and their work, admins, affiliates or any other deviants in any way or form or treat them in ways generally considered to be rude or specifically unpleasant - we are here to share art, not hard feelings.

:pointr: Do not steal other artists work, use it against their permission or breach copyright in any other way.

:pointr: Do not in any way refer to or promote any kind of discrimination or lawlessness, if it's in your photographs or in writing.

Gallery Folders

_Auto-decline - Check submission folder
Sinful Images
Still Life
Urban and Rural


Let me introduce to you our dear staff, the busy bees who keep things running smoothly in our group:

The Founder


The Team Leader


The Admin Team


The Voting Team





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